Why Choose Stallion?

India has been the top destination for recruiting manpower for years. However, we realize that there are some industries that need specific skilled manpower, and cannot outsource processes. Their requirement is specific; from particular Country/state/location, manpower is required, and so is the demographical significance of these businesses.

Stallion has recruited Indian manpower for every industry in the past. However, to further enhance our quality, we have chosen to focus our resources on some key sectors. In fact, we’re the leading recruitment agency for Indian manpower needs in these industries:


• MEP Services

• Automobile

• Engineering

• Manufacturing

• Hospitality

• Healthcare

• Retail

• Logistic

• Oil & Gas

• Financial Services

• Energy & Utilities

Reports have established that ‘talent mismatch’ is haunting businesses worldwide. But in spite of this global talent war, our clients do not feel the need to look beyond us. Our business strategies, team of HR experts, huge manpower database and the passion to excel; together make us the top choice for manpower recruitment

As a matter of fact, several of our clients value the efficiency and dependability we offer them in managing their entire recruitment and HR concerns. Our world-class solutions not only minimize the costs and worries associated with maintaining a sizable HR team.

We guarantee prompt recruitment and transfer of the most suitable match for each of your vacancies.

We also ensure that the professionals are appointed at competitive salaries.

‘Registration No. B-802/HAR/COM/1000+/5/9220/2016 valid up to 29/06/2026’

All of the professionals we recruit for you are ‘Stallion guaranteed’. Which means, Stallion guarantees a cost-free replacement* if the candidate is found medically unfit, professionally incompetent or otherwise unsuitable.

The infinite length we can go to, to provide our clients with the best possible solutions, has been the reason for our impeccable reputation. Our single-minded determination to ensure only the best for our clients (in terms of talent, time and money), is what makes us stand apart. “Passion for brilliance is what Stallion stands for.”

*Candidate will be replaced free of cost by Stallion.

You’re invited to email us at info @stallion-international.com for more on what makes our services matchless.