Although commonly referred to just as building and construction, it is actually the very infrastructure that it constitutes. And needless to say, let alone development, a nation cannot even function until its basic infrastructure, and hence construction related requirements are met.

Construction requirements can range from specialized transport related constructions, through constructions for medical facilities or simply hotels and resorts for leisure or business travel. The construction industry is vital to the conception and materialization of national (rural and urban) infrastructure, as well as, crucial to the almost ‘prescribed’ vacations and weekend getaways, to relieve the current population of the ever mounting and almost stifling pressures due to neck-throat professional competition.

Besides that, construction is what gets the very work locations (processing units, offices, factories, plants etc.) started, besides it being indispensable to the internationally essential infrastructure and operations (airports, ocean ports etc.)

In general, some of the prime areas that construction is vital to, are listed as follows:

               • Airports and Airline Terminal

               • Railways (Train stations, track networks and rail lines).

               • Metro Rail Projects

               • Roads and Highways

               • Other Mass Transit Systems

               • Bridges and Tunnels (for roadways as well as railways)

               • Under bridges and Subways

               • Flyovers (single and multilevel) and Overpasses

               • Residential and Housing Complexes (Single family homes, multifamily dwellings, high rise apartments)

               • Hotels and Resorts • Shopping Centers, Commercial Malls and Skyscrapers

               • Medical Facilities (Clinics, Hospitals, R&D sites)

               • Recreational Facilities and Areas (Fitness Centers and Sports Stadiums)

               • Academic Institutes (Schools, Colleges and Universities)

               • Industrial Corridors (dedicated freight corridors) and SEZs (Special Economic Zones)

               • Ocean Ports

               • Industrial/Commercial Buildings, Complexes and Hubs

               • Power Generation Plants

               • Refineries (Petroleum, petrochemicals, oil, gas)


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