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The hospitality industry, that theoretically started several centuries ago in the form of providing travel and accommodation comfort facilities to guests or visitors, is now a massive industry covering several hundreds of services and facilities, estimated to be worth several billion dollars. Broadly classifying the industry, it has two prime branches – entertainment areas (clubs, bars, restaurants etc.) and accommodation facilities (hotels, motels, lodges etc.).

Although that is how the industry is conveniently classified, the two branches further cover several service types. Entertainment areas include restaurants, bars, pubs, nightclubs (or regular clubs), cafes, meeting and eating joints (fast food restaurants, diners and kiosks), theme or amusement parks and vacation getaways and resorts etc. Accommodation facilities include hotels, motels, inns, lodges, hostels, camps etc.

In fact, creativity and innovation in the industry has lead to it being expanded further into creating facilities especially designed to provide accommodation as well as entertainment simultaneously. Such include cruises, which are amongst the latest craze; and weekend getaway resorts or theme parks, which provide accommodation as well as offer entertainment and amusement events or facilities. Technically, all travel and tourism businesses and services are also a part of the hospitality industry, hence including travel agents and planners, as well as airline cabin staff and crew.

The hospitality industry, expanding at an unexpectedly rapid pace, also includes all food related services like catering arrangements at the accommodation or entertainment facilities, and camp catering services.

The clientele of the hospitality industry includes business clients (professionals using facilities for the business) as well as leisure travelers (vacationers – families, couples, institutional etc.). Particularly to cater to the business clientele requirements, the hospitality industry also services organizations and operations of national or international trade events (fairs) and meetings, conferences, conventions and convocation events.

As a sum up, the hospitality industry covers all of the following facilities, as well as all service requirements of these facilities:

               • Hotels and Motels

               • Inns, Lodges and Hostels

               • Cruises

               • Theme Parks, Amusement Parks and Resorts

               • Restaurants and Banquets

               • Cafes and Eateries

               • Pubs, Nightclubs and Public Houses

               • Camping Facilities

               • Events and Business (Trade) Fairs

               • Conferences and Conventions

               • Tourism events and travel (flight/cabin) crew

               • Catering (all facilities)

               • Food Supply Chains


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