Oil & Gas

The petroleum industry (including oil and gas, and petrochemicals) encompasses and involves several processes globally; including exploration, extraction, refining, transporting and marketing the petroleum products, just to name some. Petroleum and hence petroleum products (fuel oil and gas, petrol and petrochemicals) are vital not just as directly consumable products, but also as raw materials for several other crucial industries, including pharmaceuticals, solvents, fertilizers, pesticides and plastics. Its significance is such that its availability and supply is a critical concern to the industrialized civilization itself, and hence to the world economy as a whole.

Per statistics, as many as 30 billion barrels of oil are consumed worldwide annually (2010), of which nearly 25% is consumed by the USA alone. Experts’ estimates suggest that the world oil (petroleum) demand could be expected to reach 118 million barrels per day, from the current 30 million barrels annually. The International Energy Agency predicts that as much as US$ 26 trillion may be invested in the energy sector globally. In fact, about 45% of this (US$ 500 billion) may be devoted to the oil and gas sector alone.

According to IPAA (Independent Petroleum Association of America), the Oil and Gas industry directly employs close to 1,883,000 personnel, while several thousands are engaged indirectly or on temporary/contractual basis. Over 400,000 are directly employed by this industry in UK, while several more work for the industry indirectly or seasonally.

A recent press release from Ernst & Global Oil Center acknowledged that the talent void in the oil and gas industry has transformed from an organizational challenge into a critical business issue; and, the greatest threat to recruiting and retention is competition from counterparts within the industry.

With such indicators of how critical the talent shortage is, in the industry that is the very backbone of several countries’ directly or indirectly; it is clearly crucial to fulfill the manpower requirements of the industry, whatever it may take.

We, at Stallion, backed with solid experienced team of specialty recruitments, hereby offer to stand by, and fill each of your vacancies in the oil and gas sector. With the dedication to provide the best recruitment solutions, along with our team of HR and oil and gas industry experts, you can rest assured of being provided with the best skills for your business.

Just to provide a broad idea, Stallion is readily equipped to supply all professionals for the following areas under the oil and gas industry:

            • Offshore and Onshore Exploration and Development (including discoveries and reserves)

            • Drilling, Rigs and Wells Operations and Maintenance

            • Production Operations

            • Processing (Refineries for oil, gas and petrochemicals)

            • Transportation and Storage (Pipelines, Tankers, LNG)

            • Oilfield Services


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